NEW! 100% Recyclable stand-up pouches with paper feel varnish

Introducing the most sustainable stand-up pouch in our range. 100% Recyclable stand-up pouches made of mono plastic* material with an excellent barrier for your product (EVOH-PE*). These unique and ecologically sound stand-up pouches have a paper feel varnish. They feature recycle code 4 bottom logos, advising the end user how to recycle the pouch.

The 100% recyclable bags are the perfect option to make your product stand out. With its unique look and multiple design options, your product with the right perception cwill stand out on the shelves from competitor products.

It has always been important to us to tell our customers the true story. Our bags can be recycled in their entirety. The materials used are the most suitable plastics for recycling. For example, they are used to make household foil and carrier bags.

This is as environmentally friendly as it gets, so don't wait any longer to order! These pouches are also directly available from stock and easy to order online from 100 pieces. Would you like to experience the paper feel finish in real life? Request a free sample packet and be convinced.

*Mono plastic: This indicates that one type of plastic has been used. In fact, plastic has a negative connotation due to people's behaviour. Recyclable plastic is less damaging to the environment.

*EVOH: The full name is ethylvinylalcoholcopolymer. They are barrier plastics that can retain gases. The barrier plastic has been incorporated into the PE. This gives the material an excellent barrier against oxygen, moisture and aromas.

Sealing advice: for small quantities we advise using an impulse sealer. Please contact us if you want to seal larger quantities. Do not wait any longer and order these bags quickly or request a free sample.