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Find your samples in four easy steps:

  1. A) Do you need a pouch with or without a coffee valve? All coffee pouches have a coffee valve *.
  2. B) Type: What type of pouch do you need?
  3. C) Size: What size pouch do you want? (content in ml or gram**)
  4. D) Color: Which color do you prefer?

Available types (Type B)

Stand up pouch
With or without window

Flat Bottom
With or without zipper

Side Gusset


Select 6 samples maximum
  1. 1)
  1. 2)
  1. 3)
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These are the samples you selected:

Extra sample options

Custom printed pouches (minimum order quantity 10.000 pieces depending on size and type)
Tin Ties (3 sizes available)
Scoops (available in 1 - 150 ml)

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