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NEW! 100% compostable block bottom bags ✨
We proudly present you; The next generation 100% Compostable block bottom bags! Recently , we have been busy developing these very unique block bottom bags. We have succeeded in replacing the plastic window with compostable material and by increasing our production series we can still keep the same price! Directly available from stock. 
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Smart coffee pouches for mailing/shipping

In these Corona times, many of our customers find the online channel the solution to continue serving retail customers. PouchDirect has a smart solution to pack and ship coffee without the need for extra packaging material. You may be interested in these coffee bags for shipping.

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Eco-friendly packaging to make your product stand out ♻

This may be interesting to tell your customers! This eco-friendly stand up pouch made of beautiful white kraft paper will present your product in a beautiful manner and make it stand out among all other products. The high-quality material and the inner PE-layer guarantee protection of your product quality. The pouches have extra wide windows for attractive product presentation.

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100% recyclable Stand Up Pouches - Aluminum-free (recycling logo 4)

We are very proud of the new addition to our range: 100% recyclable stand up pouches made from polyethylene (PE). Very recyclable! These stand-up pouches are in recycle logo 4, a category that can easily be recycled.

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