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Important things to consider


Some products need protection from moisture, oxygen or light. Keep this in mind when picking your stand up pouch.

Choosing the right size

Each product has its own volume. Measure your product by putting the contents into a measuring cup. That way you can read off how many milliliters are in it. Voila!


The choice of material depends on two aspects: what do you like and what kind of protection does your product need? The combinations are endless.

Standard pouches

Choose your favourite shape.


Coffee pouches with valve

Choose your favourite shape.


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Conclusive results after receiving your sample pack

1. Sales go up…
…by choosing the right packaging.

2. Product shelf life improves
By testing with samples, you can find out what the shelf life of your product is and which pouch best suits your needs.

3. You have more information about the packaging to your customer
It is nice to inform your consumer what added value your packaging has for the environment and your product.

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