7 benefits of using paper packaging

Most retailers have the same question. Which packaging should I use for my product(s)? Nowadays, a lot of packaging is made of natural materials and is therefore not or less harmful to the environment. But what are the advantages of using paper bags?

1. Paper is recyclable

The paper bag is an eco-friendly packaging option because these bags are made from recyclable materials that do not harm the environment. Paper bags are usually made from wood. So, these bags can be produced into a new paper like newspapers, magazines or books.

2. Paper is reusable

So instead of ‘new’ paper, some paper material are made from recycled materials so they have a second life.

3. Paper saves the energy

Besides various other benefits, there is one more reason why it is called environmentally friendly is that it saves lots of energy.

4. Paper material is affordable

The cost of paper bags in the market is affordable. The material of these bags is not processed and has no extra barrier. So if your product does not need any extra protection, it is better to choose paper.

5. Effective branding

You can easily add your own branding to your paper bag/pouches. Think logo stickers or you can use stamps. Plus, paper bags are very trendy and they have an environmentally friendly look. 

6. You can protect the environment

All forest products originating from FSC®-certified forests must be grown, managed and harvested in a way that is beneficial to the habitat and future growth of the forest.

7. Paper can be used for many purposes

Suitable for both food and non-food products such as: nuts, chocolate, biscuits, candy, soap, gift bags and many more.

So, if you are ecofriendly and at the same time want to save some money, start using paper bags. Besides building a green business should be a high priority for every business in today’s world.