100% recyclable Stand Up Pouches

We are very proud of the new addition to our range: 100% recyclable stand up pouches made from polyethylene (PE). Very recyclable! These stand-up pouches are in recycle logo 4, a category that can easily be recycled. The material can be re-used as a raw material for new products (such as carrier bags, garbage bags, etc.)

The stand-up pouches have a beautiful green colour as standard and are available directly from stock. Do you prefer a different colour? Please contact us for the many options.

• Aluminum-free (sustainable choice).
• Excellent barrier (EVOH-PE) for optimal protection of your product.
• 100% recyclable - Mono material (only PE variants), recycling logo 4.
• Available from stock.
• Also available with coffee valve (recycling logo 4)

Looking for stand-up pouches with your own logo and text? From 10,000 pieces, we can print the pouches according to your wishes so that you can distinguish yourself optimally. Why not ask for a quote. No obligations!

Some applications: coffee, tea, protein powder, superfoods, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, chocolate, candy, non-foods, cannabis, etcetera.