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Standup Pouches for petfood

Stand Up Pouches for petfood PouchDirect

Stand-up pouches for animal feed
Our stand-up pouches are ideal for packaging animal feed. Many animal feed producers choose plastic stand-up pouches to package their products. They are attractive on the shelves, are easy to process, not expensive and the consumer can store their contents very easily. PouchDirect is your supplier of stand-up pouches for packaging dog food, dog snacks, cat food, cat litter, vitamins and supplements, bird and fish food in Europe. 

Stand-up pouches are ideal for presenting animal feed product(s) on shelves. Printed or not printed We offer a wide range of high-quality, preformed pet food bags of many types, sizes and colours. Our standard stand-up pouches for animal nutrition are available from 100 pieces.

Wide range
Our pouches for animal nutrition are made from high-quality materials, suitable for packaging food (BPA-free) and protecting against any kind of bacteria, moisture and vermin, so that animals get the quality and structure they deserve. Our animal feed pouches are available in various forms: stand-up pouches with bottom fold and zipper, side gusset pouches, flat bottom pouches with or without zipper or block bottom bags. Standard stand-up pouches with a paper look, with handles, windows, and / or Euro-hole, ideal for animal feed.


To respond to the wishes of our customers, we offer a wide range of standard stand-up pouches for animal nutrition in various sizes and colours.

The colours white, black, silver, gold (in matte or glossy), red, transparent and brown kraft paper are in stock in large quantities. We also offer stand-up pouches in a wide variety of sizes and capacities of 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 to 5000 gram

SO certified
Our stand-up pouches are made from high-quality material (Bisphenol-A free) and are excellent for packaging animal feed in accordance with EU safety standards (EC 1935/2004 and EC 2002/72 and EC 10/2011). This is a guarantee for consistent product quality as well as customer satisfaction.

Custom-made animal nutrition stand-up pouches
Pet food in attractive stand-up bags sells better. There are many options for personalizing pouches to ensure that the packaging meets specific requirements. We can print animal feed bags from 10,000 pieces and even deliver them in +/- 5 weeks! Would you like personal advice on the right packaging or know more about the possibilities of printed bags? Please contact us.

Why PouchDirect?
PouchDirect has been your supplier of stand-up pouches in Europe for almost 10 years. Many customers appreciate PouchDirect’s wide range of high-quality products, competitive prices and excellent personal customer service. 

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