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Flat bottom pouch with front zipper - matt white

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New in our product range 

Flat bottom pouches with front zippers, also called 'tear-off zippers' as the consumer has tear the zipper to open the pouch. The flat-bottom pouch with front zipper is available from stock in 6 colours and different sizes. The high-quality material (BPA-free) has excellent barrier properties. It provides optimal protection against external influences (light, UV, oxygen and moisture) and will keep the aromas in the packaging. The quality of your product will be guaranteed. The user-friendly flat-bottom pouches can be filled more easily thanks to the large filling opening. Another advantage is that no dust can get in through the zipper.

This latest addition to our range offers our customers the opportunity to present themselves in a more attractive and distinctive way. This great packaging will take your product to a higher level. Its four rounded corners have a modern look and will prevent your customers from getting hurt by sharp corners.

Flat-bottom pouches with front zippers are available with and without a valve. Are you a coffee packager? These stand-up pouches are available in various sizes and colours with a degassing valve, for packaging roasted coffee beans.

Other application include: tea, animal feed, protein powder, nuts, seeds, chocolate, candy, cereals, clothing, drinks, soup, etc.


-Eye catching distinctive design
-Very user-friendly! (easy to open and reclose)
-Can be labelled on 4 sides
-Easy to fill (no remnants of product in the zipper)
-Impressively stable bottom
-Four rounded corners have a modern look and prevent sharp corners

Are you looking for standing bags with your own logo and text? From 10,000 pieces, we print stand-up pouches according to your wishes so that you can optimally distinguish yourself from competitors. Request a free quote! Compared to standard pouches, flat bottom pouches with front zippers have the big advantage that they may be printed on four sides instead of two.

More Information
Product ID1435
Type of pouchStand-up pouches
Finishing optionsFront zipper
Color Matt white
Heat sealableYes, heat sealer
Filling temperatureup to 80°C
Rounded corners 4 rounded corners
Custom print/color> 10.000 pcs. Please contact us for quotation!
Freezer proofYes
Food gradeYes
Microwave proofNo
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€49,95GRC, ISL

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PouchDirect icons

    What the different icons mean?

    Get to know all our PouchDirect icons. All our stand-up pouches feature icons. These indicate a material specification or a characteristic. This way, you can even better determine what suits your product best.

    Sustainable packaging? Of course!

    As sustainability is very important, we have set up a special programme: Planet Proof Pouches. These stand-up pouches feature a special badge. This badge indicates whether the bag is recyclable or compostable.

    Help inform your customers about the material and advise on the correct waste flow by applying the corresponding icons on your packaging.

What our customers say about us
Your own Look&Feel

We have a wide range of standard pouches available online. These are not just standard pouches, but pouches of top quality, made from high-quality materials, with a nice finish and great colours. Many of our customers choose to customize a stand-up pouch to match their brand. The most popular options:

* A sticker to make your brand and product stand out
* Stamp your logo on a kraft paper pouch for a traditional look
* Attach a header or a card to the pouch with a string

Check our Pinterest inspiration page for ideas to transform our standard pouches into your product packaging!

Check out Pinterest
How to select the correct size?
  • Step 1: Place an empty measuring cup on an scale.
  • Step 2: Fill the measuring cup with the total weight of the product you want to package.
  • Step 3: Read how many ML is in the measuring cup. Now you know what size you need.

Other available colors

Flat bottom pouch kraft paper with front zipper - brown
Flat bottom pouch with front zipper - matt black
Flat bottom pouch with front zipper - matt silver
Flat bottom pouch with front zipper - shiny black
Flat bottom pouch with front zipper - shiny white

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