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International supplier of high quality stand up pouches, coffee pouches, flat bottom pouches and custom printed pouches for the food and non-food industry.

Coffee pouches

Looking for standup pouches for packaging coffee? We offer a wide range of high quality coffee pouches in all shapes, sizes and colors. Pre-made coffee bags can be ordered from a minimum of 100 units. This way, smaller companies can profit as well! Coffee pouches are standup pouches with valveThe same pouches without valve are available in the category standup pouches.

Custom design
One of our strengths is printing of coffee pouches with your logo or design. Coffee in an attractive package sells itself much better. You do not have to be a big company to make your own design or logo on your pouches. We provide printed coffee pouches from a minimum order quantity of 10,000 pieces.


High quality
Our pouches are produced using the best materials (BPA-free!) and are well suited for the packaging of coffee within the regulations and safety standards of the EU (EG 1935/2004 en EG 2002/72 en EG 10/2011). We have many satisfied customers throughout Europe.

Some examples of material compositions include:

- Two-layer transparent "Pet/Pe"
- Three-layer "Pet/Met Pet/Pe"
- Three-layer "Kraft Paper/Met-Pet/Pe"

These materials have excellent barrier properties ensuring the coffee’s continued quality. Moreover the degassing valve allows excess gas (which coffee still produces for some time after roasting) to escape, while at the same time oxygen cannot enter the coffee pouch. In this way the flavour and aroma of the coffee is excellently preserved.
We supply pouches with a tearnotch for easy opening and with or without resealable zipper. All coffee pouches are heat sealable. 

Why order coffee pouches from Pouchdirect?
- High-quality materials
- Preformed pouches
- Dozens of colors available, matt and glossy
- Printed bags with your own design or logo
- Degassing valve
- Recycleable
- Light-weight: low transport and storage costs
- 100 to millions bags
- Quick delivery time due to large stock position

Pricing, Stock & Ordering
In the summary below you can find all the different coffee pouches that PouchDirect offers. Click on the image of the coffee standup pouch in the required colour. You will then be given the option to select the size and the number from the drop down menu, after which the system will show you the correct price, the material properties and the amount in stock. If the requested items are in stock and you have ordered and paid before 8 pm, your order will be sent on the same day, otherwise the product will be delivered after ± 15 days throughout Europe. By adding the desired products in the shopping cart, you immediately get to the simple and clear one-step-checkout. You can pay the invoice directly online or by bank transfer. The choice is yours.


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