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One-way degassing valve

Over 800 aroma components are responsible for a distinctive coffee quality. Freshly roasted coffee is very sensitive to oxygen. Without product protection it would only conserve its flavour for 4 to 6 weeks. For your increased enjoyment, coffee should be packaged air-tight immediately after processing. However, freshly roasted coffee produces up to 6 litres of roasting gases per kilogram, which can inflate the airtight packaging or even cause it to burst. For this reason, coffee was intermediately stored before packaging until the roasting gases had escaped. This however, resulted in additional costs and the freshly roasted coffee lost its aroma very quickly due to the oxidation of its oily flavoring.

By using an aroma protection valve, the coffee can be packaged immediately after the roasting process, retaining its entire fresh aroma. The roasting gases and a part of the accumulated oxygen can reliably escape from the package, at the same time oxygen is kept out. The package retains its shape and the coffee remains as fresh as the day it was roasted.

■ The coffee quality and aroma are preserved for longer
■ Better quality with more profitability
■ Desired outlook and functional efficiency of the package can be guarantee


Valve function:

1Valve nr 1

The valve consists of a valve body and a membrane. Even a very slight overpressure in the package causes the membrane to bulge.


2Valve nr 2

As the overpressure is increasing, the membrane rises at one valve location until a channel is formed through which the roasting gases can escape to the outside.



After the gas has been successfully vented and the pressure compensated, the valve closes and the membrane lies once again against the valve body. The content is reliably protected against external oxidation.


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